Glory Haunt Hounds TM - Historical Preservation & Paranormal Events

"Keeping the Spirits Alive" TM

Glory Haunt Hounds, a Paranormal Events and Historical Preservation Network was started by John Tobin.  GHH is a historical preservation and fundraising group with a paranormal twist.  Our focus is to preserve history by raising awareness of historical locations. We look to validate or discover the paranormal that resides in these amazing locations by understanding their history and conducting investigations. 

Our slogan is "Keeping the Spirits Alive!” as we hope to keep the spirit of our history alive by sharing the history that surrounds us with the public from a paranormal perspective. 

The GHH focus is the "Glory Haunts"; the public locations that have a historical significance and the potential of a ‘paranormal’ presence. We offer public investigations, events and fundraisers all with the same goal to "Preserve history one location at a time".

We are not pursung private investigations at this time.

John Tobin- CEO, Founder and Lead Investigator, Event Coordinator

John is the host of "Keeping the Spirits Alive!" on A1B ( and The Dark Matter Radio Network ( )and founder of the Paranormal Network Glory Haunt Hounds. John's interest in the Paranormal started when he had "out of body" experiences as a child and escalated when he saw his first full bodied apparition in his 20's.

John has successfully leveraged his 20 plus years of paranormal investigating experience, his passion for history and the paranormal popularity to raise community awareness and funds for historical locations in need by organizing investigations and events all in effort to “Preserve the Haunt”. His successful radio show and renowned paranormal network allow him to bring the public and the world into these locations through awareness, knowledge and entertainment. 

John’s perspective on ‘paranormal’ and ‘hauntings’ differ from most, his lectures are about his belief that a location does not need death or tragedy to be considered ‘haunted’. He believes that the energy; positive and negative is left behind everywhere (and anywhere).  Paranormal surrounds us everyday and some of the most active locations can be those   claimed to be "not haunted" at all.  John has lectured at many functions and appeared on numerous radio and television shows including 30 Odd Minutes and Bio Channel's "My Ghost Story" . John has recently been cast in the upcoming film Surviving Evidence as himself and by DefTone Pictures Studios in the horror/comedy movie “A Grim Becoming”, scheduled for Theatrical release in July of 2014. 

To book John for Lectures and media appearances, please contact Collective Celebrity Management at

Team G.H.H - Taken at The Shanley Hotel

Chip Reichenthal - Research Consultant / Investigator & Radio Show Co-Host
Chip Reichenthal developed an interest in the paranormal, after ' seeing and speaking' with his best friend, at the moment of the friend's death in 1980. He's was certified with Ghost Hunter's Society in 1999, and initially used equipment from a PI job to enhance Paranormal investigations. Chip has looked at aspects of the afterlife from many different approaches,  and has a high regard for appropriate 'historical' research for enhancing investigations.  Chip has recently written his 1st novel No Turn Unstoned and in addition to co-hosting Keeping the Spirits Alive is the host of the show Beyond the Norm on A1B heard every other Thursday

Beyond the Norm with Chip Reichenthal , every other Thursday on A1B

Terrie Reichenthal - Investigator
Terrie Reichenthal has had an interest in the paranormal since, at a young age, she realized that her home was active, with American Indian spirits. She started investigations when still in High School, especially at a location formerly known as Pine Hills Cemetary in Troy, NY. Her interest in the Paranormal has never dwindled.
Lauren Sheridan - Investigator 'in training'

I'm a professional archaeologist and now a newbie investigator. I've always believed in the paranormal but never pretended to understand it and I still don’t. My first personal paranormal experience, as a teenager, frightened and excited me enough to force me to seek out answers about what had happened. I’m still searching.  I’m looking forward to putting my endless energy, love for history and now, the paranormal towards investigating, sharing, and helping support the great work done by GHH.

Marc Arvilla- Investigator, New Englad Event Consultant

Father of 3 and a passion for the paranormal! After several "experiences" as a child I developed a curiosity for the paranormal. Over the last few years I have taken that curiosity and turned it into a service. Now, after founding my own paranormal group last year and helping numerous families and businesses, I am pleased to take this passion to the next level. I am proud to add my knowledge and experience to GHH!